Inbox Dollars Latest Review, Scam ?
I am member of Inbox dollars from more than 6 months. My intention to join Inbox dollars is to make some money online so that I could use them to renew my domain names. I searched for programs which offer cash for reading emails and found this website on the internet and looked more credible when compared with other paid email programs. I got 5 dollars as signup bonus. They offer Cash for reading Emails, signing up some paid  and free offers, doing surveys, playing some games and the best part is that they give some cash for even searching web through their search bar.

My experience with inbox dollars is mixed. I used to get atleast 2 paid emails a day and sometimes 3 times. I made 14 dollars untill today by just reading emails and searching the web. But suddenly something unexpected happened  inbox dollars stopped sending me emails from 5 days. I had a live chat with one of their representatives and asked about this and she replied Inbox dollars primarily is for users who sign up for offers and people who do surveys and not for the people who just read emails and search the web. She replied that I have earned a lot more from paid emails, so they will send me just one paid email every week. I was devastated to listen this. So I thought I should quickly make 30 dollars which is their minimum amount to request payment and exit this program before something more happens. I signed up  a 3.50 dollars free offer, it was a survey site, but to my shocker I was not credited with the amount.

I am sure Inbox dollars is not a scam but I feel like they are pulling me down to slower my earnings one or the other way. They should inform the users early before signing up that Inbox dollars is not for people who just want to make money reading emails or searching the web.

Inbox Dollars also pay users for referring other members to the site.The referrer gets 10%  means if you earn 30 dollars you get 30 dollars and your referrer get 3 dollars. They give 5 dollars bonus for every member who sign up.

If you are interested to signup for Inbox Dollars. Please consider joining using the link below

Is it possible to earn money by blogging ?
Yes is my answer? I am a blogger since 2009 though not active and I made some money blogging. The trend these days is that many people are looking to make few dollars by online activities. There are many ways to make money online and blogging is one of them. There are lot of websites over the internet which provide information on how you can start blogging, seo techniques and monetization . I want to tell my experience to new blogging enthusiasts.

I started blogging in 2009 on made a blog that has actress and movie event photos and those were the days I did not think much about the money. I optimized it with Adbrite and it made me 100 dollars in 2 years. Now many would think 100 dollars in 2 years ? but thing is that I only spent 15-20 minutes a day and not a single penny on that blog. I thought the deal was OK.

In 2012 I bought a domain name from blogger and started it which mainly concentrates on a niche. I got approval from adsense and I think it was good. The things turned supernatural I made 100 dollars in just 5 months. I got first check from adsense. But the main point is that those 100 dollars were not so easy to make, I almost spent 3 hours a day for 5 months. The things have changed a lot over the internet these days. Only the blogs with fresh and original content can make money. Keep in mind my fellow bloggers that money can be made on Internet but it can't be so easy.

There are lot of things involved in regular blogging, I made this article very short for the new bloggers who are looking to make money online.

Article by Dane

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